Catching up on Spring Projects

Now that calving season is winding down, it’s time to finally catch up on spring projects around the ranch. One of the most important ones is repairing and building fence. It’s an endless cycle–you fix the fence in the spring, the winter snows pull it down, so the next spring you fix it again and so on. It wouldn’t seem like such a big deal if it wasn’t for the fact that there are miles upon miles of fence that need to be checked every year.

Spring fencing project

This fence is most certainly not satisfactory.

So each spring we grab wire, fencing pliers, some staples and head off to the pasture. A lot of the fence can be checked on horseback, I just hop off the horse to make a quick repair. However, parts of it are through the woods and have to be checked on foot. These parts are a real pain in the hind end, because of the fallen trees. A little known fact is wire has a magnetic effect on trees. Every time the wind blows a tree over it will not fall away from the fence, but be drawn towards it by the wire magnetism. So in the spring when you check the fence, there are always a bunch of dead branches to cut off it.

Tree on Fence

It’s either magnetism or trees have a real vendetta against fences, making their last dying act one of fence destruction

And when fixing fence it is a must to have a fencing pliers. Invented in 1905 by Hubert Wright (no idea if he was related to the Wright brothers that could fly, but just as brilliant), the fencing pliers is a one-stop fencing tool. It has a pliers, hammer, wire cutters, and a hook that I’m sure was only invented to make the tool deadly in hand-to-hand combat.

Fencing Pliers Picture

Obviously Mr. Wright didn’t take no crap from nobody with this bad boy in his hand.

Fencing pliers can be used to cut wire, tighten wire, pound in staples, and pretty much do anything else you need for a fence. If you are looking for a present for dad for Father’s Day, get him one of these because they are pretty awesome. Well, at any rate, my fencing project awaits. Happy fixing!