It’s Animal Planet Time! #LaborLive

If you were to guess what channel would be a veterinarian’s favorite, chances are Animal Planet would come to mind. Now add on top of that if a veterinarian had a chance to work with Animal Planet, that vet would be silly not to take it. Low and behold that opportunity came my way and on Wednesday, August 27th I will be a part of the Animal Planet’s “Labor Live” webcast!

This program webcasts from the Nebraska State Fair Birthing Pavilion. In this pavilion there are cows, sows, and ewes that are strategically bred to give birth during the state fair. It is open to the public so fair goers can see how farm animals give birth. Animal Planet is working with the Nebraska State Fair to webcast this event so that people everywhere can see it as it happens.

I was asked by one of the producers to give commentary for the webcast and answer questions. I pondered hard over this decision, trying to decide if it would be a good endeavor for me to partake in. Just kidding, I was as giddy as a kid at Disney World and replied with a, “Yes, how soon can I start?!”

Excited Jake

I was about this excited.

Tune in Wednesday, August 27th and Thursday, August 28th to hear me talk with the folks at Animal Planet while watching some great footage of calves, lambs, piglets, and chicks. Ewe will be glad you did!