Sometimes Calving Goes Really Awesome

Fun story from April about a calving story that had a great ending! #happycalfdance

The Cow Docs

Calving season is tough on cows, calves, ranchers, and veterinarians. Most of the time it goes well–the cow goes into labor, delivers a calf on her own, and we feel all joyful. Every once in a while a cow will need help delivering her calf. This is why ranchers spend so many sleepless nights; checking on their cows every three to four hours to make sure they are progressing correctly. If there is a problem, often the rancher can help the cow deliver her calf on his own.

But if it were always that simple I wouldn’t have a job, right? So I get the privilege of taking part in the most difficult bovine deliveries. After experiencing a few of these, there are certain conditions that make me feel less hopeful for delivering a life calf.

1) She (the cow) has been in labor a several hours

2) She hasn’t made much progress

3) She is…

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