Ever Tried Using Wildlife Cameras in Cow Pastures?

Every year in August, I put out game cameras to try and capture a sneak peak of all the deer, turkey, and other wildlife that call the Geis ranch home. I scout the deer trails, look for scrapes and rubs, and check the frequented spots for the perfect tree or post to hang a camera on. After finding the best spots, you would think I just have to wait until November and check the SD cards to see all the wonderful pictures. I would, if it wasn’t for the darn cows.

Grazing cows

Look at them there, smugly eating grass, like they aren’t going to ruin the camera placement or anything.

You see, cows have a knack for foiling the best laid plans when it comes to hunting. This past weekend, they were at it once again. This time I hadn’t even gotten to the hunt yet!

I had set out two cameras in the far pasture. The locations were splendid. I carefully aimed the cameras so they wouldn’t pick up the motion of the grass in the wind, but wouldn’t miss a deer walking by. I left them for a month, then came back to check on them. I found they weren’t pointed where I had originally placed them. Knowing the only way I’d find out was by looking through the pictures, I re-set them and took the SD cards home.

The first series of pictures looked great. I had some nice deer in front of the cameras.

Buck looking at turkeys

A stately buck looking at some turkeys in the distance.

Two bucks by the creek

And there were some nice young bucks that have some growing up to do.

And then I found the cause of my camera movement.

The cow that moved the camera

Caught her red-handed! Or red-hooved?

A curious cow saw the odd box on the tree and nudged it. Pretty soon they all wanted a shot at it and had it flipped 180 degrees. It no longer took deer pictures, but pictures of curious cows coming up out of the creek bottom.

Cow number 1

Yo! I’m all photogenic and stuff. Put me on the cover of Cows-mopolitan!

Well, I reset the camera, so now we’ll see how long it takes before they move it again. At least before they got to it, I got this great pic of Mom moving cows, not knowing she’s on camera.

Mom moving cows

And this is why she refuses to pee in the pasture.



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