Cowboy “Veggie” Burger

Jake has always been getting on my case about eating more vegetables. However, eating vegetarian is out of the question. Vegetables must be paired with at least one dead animal (preferably two) as far as Jake is concerned.

The other day he called and told me he made a veggie burger. I didn’t believe him, so I asked him what he put on the burger. Below is the recipe for Jake’s Cowboy Veggie Burger. Spoiler alert, it’s just a bunch of vegetables on a half pound of beef.


-1 small tomato

-1/4 of a green bell pepper

-1/3 of an onion

-leaf of lettuce

-1 large onion burger bun

-1 slice of American cheese

-ketchup and mustard to taste

-salt and pepper to taste

-1/2 lb. of ground beef

Form the burger patty, and then salt and pepper the patty. Grill burger to an internal temperature of 160 degrees. Leave the nice grill marks on each side so it looks even more tasty. Place cheese on burger and let it melt slightly. Then take the burger from the grill and place it on the bun. Dice the onion, pepper and tomato. Add the ketchup and mustard to taste, then place the veggies on top of the burger. Top it off with a bun, and “walla” you’ve got yourself a Cowboy Veggie Burger.

Veggie Burger

Turns out he buy some veggie patties. Apparently they make great kindling for the fire. 



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  1. True, pickles and ketchup are the only veggies allowed on my burgers. (Or the occasional onion rings.)

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