The Never-Ending, Continuing Education Story

Like many other professions, veterinarians need to take continuing education. Of course, a certain smart-aleck family member of mine asked me why I need continuing ed after eight years of college. I told him it was because I was so dumb they figured I needed to keep going back.

Jokes aside, continuing ed is great because it helps me stay current on the new science as well as meet up with other veterinarians for knowledge-sharing and fun story sharing. This past week I went to a conference in Kansas City that focused on beef cattle medicine. I learned a ton from the meetings, as well as from the other conference participants that shared some tips and tricks with me that I hadn’t heard before.

The hardest part about the trip was simply getting there. It’s a six hour drive, which isn’t too bad, but driving through urban areas is not my favorite thing to do. You see, I’m from a county without traffic lights. As I found out, Kansas City has a few.

A roundabout

They also have roundabouts, which make my head spin. I kind of want to go around them for hours until someone asks me where I’m going.

However, once I got there I stayed put at the hotel/conference center and it worked out just fine. It’s kind of funny when you’re in a ritzy hotel in a city to see the halls populated with people in cowboy boots and pearl-snap shirts. We look a bit out of place.

The neatest thing about these conferences is meeting other veterinarians from all over. People came from everywhere from Florida to Alberta. Despite the distance, we had so many things in common–a dedication to our cattle, the farmers and ranchers we work with, and the communities we live in, that gave us a warm feeling of fraternity.  I enjoyed it and can’t wait to go back next year.


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  1. I agree – I love conferences. I recently went to the WSAVA conference in Cape town and caught up with friends from vet school – 15 years ago. Hearing lecturers from all over the world is inspiring – conferences rock!

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