Breeds of Cattle: They aren’t all the same!

Just like dogs, cats, and rabbits, there are different beef cattle breeds. While some of them may look similar, they are quite different genetically, giving them each their strengths and weaknesses. Could we get a vote on which breed is our favorite? Here are the candidates.

Red Angus

Red Angus–often smaller framed (but not always), with well-marbled meat. Good range cow.

Black Angus Cow

Black Angus–Known for their highly marbled steaks. Certified Angus Beef comes from this breed.


Charolais (Shar-lay)–A well muscled breed that is always white. Originates from France.


Hereford–Red with a white face, this breed is known for its hardiness and high quality meat.

Simmental Cow

Simmental–Muscular breed that grows large and grows quickly. Can also be red colored.

Mooove to vote

Vote for your favorite breed below, and write your reasons in the comments!

What is your favorite breed of beef cattle?



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