Night Calls with a Side of Home Remodeling

Spring is a tough time of year to be a vet. When you are cozily lying in bed in your warm Superman pajamas, it is very hard to convince yourself to answer the phone when it rings. But alas, I do. And it is usually a cow in labor at 2 in the morning, needing to be helped along. So I change and head out to do my job.

Superman PJs

I hate taking these off–they are so comfortable. I should just wear them to work.


It’s one thing when your night is interrupted when you’re just sleeping, but when you’re trying to re-finish your floors at the same time it add a whole new layer of challenges. That is where Carolyn and I found ourselves last week during our first major home remodeling project.

I’m not going to claim I did a whole lot on these floors. My job was to assist my lovely wife through this process. She did the sanding and the varnishing, while I did the staining (a.k.a. the easiest part of the job). My folks also came by to help her, which was great because running those sanders is tough on a person.

The problem was, even as the floor finisher assistant, I was on call half the time. Finishing floors is not a job you can just drop and come back to–when you start staining you MUST finish staining. So we had to fit it all in around my on call schedule, which meant I stained floors until 1:30 am Thursday morning because I wasn’t on call that night. Same thing with the varnish the next night. I’m just thankful when I was on call Friday night I didn’t get a midnight call, because otherwise I flat out wouldn’t have slept all week.

So needless to say the floors are finished and the look fantastic. If you are looking for someone to do your floors, do NOT call us because we are sick of this job and don’t it again for a long time.

Look at these wood floors!

But seriously, Carolyn did a great job on these things. Just look at them!



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  1. I hope you are saving these to be assembled into a book…. Always(well 95% of the time)entertaining

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