Gus Gus

With a heavy heart, I wanted to let you folks know about our dog Gus. The cancer that we had thought was not there returned with a vengeance. He went downhill through the month of August and we had to put him down. It has been a real roller-coaster ride, as on more than one occasion we thought we had beaten it. He was in great spirits up to the end, the little love-ball that he was, but he was ready to go. Thank you all for your support when he was sick, and rest assured that there’s no doubt we’ll see him again in the sweet by-and-by, hanging out with St. Francis.

Carolyn and I with Gus, our noble Saint Bernard

Augustus Dominic “Gus” Geis


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  1. Sorry for the loss of Gus, I know how hard it is to let them go. I also know they are far better off and in a much better place. Congratulations on the new puppy, share your love, your Gus would like that Tooty

  2. It is hard to watch a family member suffer, even if they are “only” a pet. All the daily routines suddenly change: some become lighter; others, well, the absence is definitely felt. Thanks for your comment regarding Gus hanging out with St. Francis. Loved it.

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