Technology is so great…when it works…

I had great plans. I had most of the writing done on this really great blog post that was going to be epic, but as I went to download the video off my phone to edit it, my phone starts fritzing out. I tried to restart it, but then it restarted again, and then it restarted again, over and over and over until I finally shut it off. Determined to fix this thing, I forced it to restart in safe mode. No dice, it did the same thing.

So then I had to call Verizon customer service. They told me my only option was to wipe it and start from scratch. In the process of this, I lost all the really awesome video that I had taken. And I had no backup copies, since it was fresh.

Now here I am, a day late on the post and trying to reshoot the video footage. I apologize for the lack of wonderful video and delightful blogging. Instead, all I have to leave you with is the recycled picture of a calf.

Sparky the calf resting in the barn

This is “Sparky” from an earlier post. In case you are wondering, he is still doing quite well.

Tune in next week where I hope to have pictures and video of an exciting new development in the Doctors Geis and Geis family. Until then, I will be attempting to not throw my phone into the Missouri River while calling it all sorts of un-Christian names.