Puppy Surprise!

My wife is awesome. Just like crazy freakin’ awesome. So obviously a few weeks ago we had to put down our Saint Bernard, Gus. I was devastated. It had been a long, hard road with his health issues and I was heartbroken when it was finally over.

Carolyn had asked me about getting another dog. I didn’t really think we would get one right away, but in Carolyn’s words I was “pretty worthless without a dog”. So she thought back a few months when we were talking about our favorite type of hunting dog and I mentioned I liked Golden Retrievers, because they make great family pets too.

So when I thought she was at the South Dakota State Fair while I was in Tyndall on call, she drove to Iowa to pick up a Golden Retriever puppy. She left him at mom and dad’s place, so the next day when we went there to work cattle she told me to sit on the porch and wait for a surprise. I closed my eyes and waited, and boy was I surprised.

Our puppy Cletus

Allow me to introduce Cletus. He’s a pretty friendly dude.

She got a video of me getting this puppy, which shows how fully shocked I was. And she picked a good one, because this puppy is awesome. I named him Cletus, because I just thought it was a good name for a dog. And, if he gets out of line, I can yell at him like Roscoe P. Coltrane would on the Dukes of Hazzard, by saying, “Cletus, you dipstick!”. I haven’t had to do that yet, but the thought makes me laugh.

Cletus is a ball of lovable, excited curiosity. Instead of just talking about it, I posted this video to youtube that shows him doing all sorts of puppy things. Just click on this link here to see more of him.

Cletus the puppy part 2

Did I mention he’s a cute as a button? Just look at him!



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