What Veterinary Couples Do When They’re Bored

Boredom happens from time to time. For Carolyn and I, that time is basically never because there is always something to do. But phase one of the home remodeling project is finally winding to a close, and now since we are no longer running home from work to work on the house it seems like there is nothing to do.

Living room at our house

But look at this living room! My wife has quite an eye for colors, doesn’t she?

The other night we sat down with nothing in particular staring at us saying, “Fix me! Paint me! Varnish me!”, and tried to figure out what we were going to do. As we tossed around the ideas of a bored game or Wii Sports, Carolyn’s phone rang. On the other end was a rancher with a calf that had some odd things going on with it. She described these things out loud, and agreed to come see the calf. And since it seemed so odd, I figured why not go along just to see what was happening.

So we loaded up and drove out to the ranch. We looked at the calf, treated it, and hob-nobbed with the owner for a while. Then we went home, quite glad we had found something fun and exciting to do that evening. We live quite a lavish life.

This situation is all the more ironic considering something Carolyn would say before she met me. PJ (which means “Pre-Jake), she would tell people she would never marry another veterinarian, because then all she and he would do all day is sit and talk about vet stuff. Well, now here we are, going out on calls together because it sounds like a fun time. I guess the moral of the story is never “never” about a future spouse, because then you’ll end up jinxing yourself.