Never Grow Up

This past week, South Dakota blessed us with our first snow storm: 11 inches worth of snow! Personally, I was thrilled. I love the change in seasons, snow included. Jake, on the other hand, was a little less enthused. This snow meant hours of shoveling and a sore back. However, that didn’t damper his child-like spirit.

This last weekend was busy with emergency calls. It was a long time coming since the last couple weekends have been fairly quiet for the both of us. I had just come home from farm call #4, parked the truck, and was plugging in the vet box when I saw Jake standing by the back door. He then uttered the phrase, “I thought I’d give you a chance.” ….. Whatever the heck that meant. He then proceeded to go on with what sounded like some epic monologue such as the ones you hear from all the villains in the movies. Ok, yeah, sure…. Blah blah blah continuing to plug in the box. But then I saw it: right there, at the corner of the carport where the plugin is, was a mound of snow with a stick coming out of the very peak of it. “That’s a snow fort…” I gasped under my breath. Before I knew it, snowballs were flying in my direction!

Snowfort with Jake on the attack

Epic monologue ended. War begins.

Jake wasn’t completely heartless in his attack, and was considerate enough to make me 5 snowballs for my defense…. 5 snowballs to his 24. Game ON! However, amidst the battle of fort Geis, I was painfully reminded that my shoulder doesn’t like it when I try to throw things with enough force to knock out a rhino. A pitiful attempt to compensate using my left arm left me with no choice but to breach his defenses (2 lawn chairs with a blanket draped over them). Jake was merciless, and I was pelted several times on my siege. But I reached his wall and found he had made an atomic snowball! At least 1 foot in diameter. I quickly snatched it up as he took his opportunity to flee. Too late! Drilled him!

Thus ended the great battle at fort Geis. I love this man and I think I’ll keep him.