Bless You and Your Seed Corn

Faith and religious life is extremely important in the country. When your existence depends on so many things completely out of your control (weather, cattle prices, etc.) you need to have a good relationship with the Man upstairs. While the faith tradition varies in rural areas, in Bon Homme County, South Dakota, a large portion of the population is Catholic.

Might have something to do with a large portion of the population being either German or Czech. If you click here, you can watch a video of the Beseda dancers, made up of folks from around here.

One ritual that occurs at our parish in Tyndall is the spring farm blessing. People bring all sorts of agriculture things to receive a blessing from our priest, Father Joe Forcelle. The blessing is a act of faith, done to help us remember that the Lord is the one who guides us in all our pursuits.

Father at the Farm Blessing

Fr. Joe, with his prayer book and holy water, ready to kick this blessing into high gear.

The opportunity to receive a blessing was extended this year to include other summer pursuits, such as boats and motorcycles. Even pets could receive a blessing, and a few did. I brought the vet pickup in for a blessing.

Father blessing the vet pickup

And now the water reservoir only carries holy water!

The ceremony started with communal prayers, lead by Father Joe, for each type of item to be blessed. Then holy water was sprinkled on all the items. While it only took a fifteen minutes, it was a nice ceremony that will be great to look back on and remember as we work through the summer growing season.

Blessing the 4020 and the manure spreader

Because there will be a lot of crap to do. That’s why the manure spreader needed to be blessed!