My Wife: The Epic Lady Vet

It goes without saying that I could be considered a biased source, but I will contend that you will find few as epic as my wife Carolyn. Aside from being a gourmet chef, quite fashionable and possessing the personality of an angel, my Carolyn is one tough pet spaying, calf pulling, bull herding gal.

Alpaca Selfie

Did I mention she is also an alpaca whisperer?

Now about a year ago when Carolyn graduated vet school and started work, there were a small few that wondered how she would hold up as a cow doc. Sure, I know she’s as glamorous as a supermodel, and is about as mean as a fluffy bunny in a Cadbury commercial. But she’s tougher than a two dollar steak, and over the past calving season she’s shown it.

No matter how tough the challenge has been, she’s always overcome it. In her first C-section in practice she delivered a 130 pound calf. She’s fixed several uterine prolapses in the middle of the night on less than enthused heifers. And if a bull thinks he’s going to give her sass, she puts him right in line and he changes his ‘tude. In short, she handles beef cattle medicine like a freakin’ boss.

The Sexy Surgeon

Whatever she is about to surgerize right now better be ready, because she’s about to surgerize the heck out of it.

Despite her physical toughness, she’s as gentle as a kitten when working with the animals or people who come in. And whether it is gingerly restraining a bouncing puppy or helping a person cope with their pet’s euthanasia, her warm personality always shines through.


Even when she’s covered in bovine excrement, her personality glows warmer than the manure on her neck.

So why do I feel the need to extoll her veterinary prowess in this post? The answer is simple. Young ladies (and gentlemen for that matter), you can be successful in whatever field you choose. However, it doesn’t come easy–it takes a lot of grit and determination. But if you take a page from the book of Carolyn you can do it, no matter what hurdles stand in your way.



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  1. Sweet Caroline is most certainly all those things! I love this ode to her! ❤

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