Cletus the Bird Dog is a Good Boy!

For regular readers of the blog, I am sorry for not getting this post out at the regular Monday posting. We’ve been busier than a one legged man in a butt kicking contest around here. Between working on the house, business at the clinic picking up, work back at the ranch, and most importantly, the opening of dove season, it slipped through the cracks.

Cletus the puppy part 2

Here is a picture of sleeping little puppy Cletus as a peace offering.

But speaking of dove season, it does bring up an important event in the life of the great Cletus, our Golden Retriever. He is now officially a true bird dog, as he has successfully retrieved doves during our hunts this weekend. It’s kind of like the moment when you’re kid takes his or her first steps, but with more feathers.

The moment unfolded as such. Carolyn, Cletus and I were sitting in a pasture, waiting for a dove to come in range. Cletus was panting, brimming with excitement, but not really sure why he was. Typical Cletus action.

Then, from the west, a dove flew within 15 yards. Up went the 12 gauge and down went the dove. Cletus held until I sent him with the command “hunt dead”. With those words, he exploded towards the spot where the dove hit the ground.

He sniffed around in the general area for a short moment, bouncing from side to side, tail wagging like a bobble-head doll. Then up his head came, bird in mouth. He had a look of pride across his face as he trotted back to us with the dove. It was almost as proud as the look Carolyn and I had about our little Cletus, now all grown up and getting birds.

By then end of the evening, we came home with a half a dozen doves, all retrieved by the great Cletus. Gosh that dog is good.

And photogenic! Just look at that dog!



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