Not-So-Smart Phone Operator After All

Ah, technology, that wonderful item that gives us so much information! Or unfortunately, at times can blind us to using the senses that God gave us to figure out things for ourselves. An unfortunate example of that I will detail here.


Last week, Mom and I went out the the pasture to check on the calves. It was overcast and threatening rain, but the radar looked like it would just miss us. That would give us at least enough time to make sure all the cattle were looking okay, as well as hang up a game camera or two.

As we are on the far side of the pasture, the clouds look like they are starting to turn dark. Rather than think, “Maybe we should go for cover,” we both whip out our phones to see if we can get the radar. Of course, there is spotty 3G reception most of our area, so this was a time-consuming process. Mind you, there is a dirt-floor log shack I built in high school only two hundred yards from us at this time.

So as we are absorbed in holding our phones in the correct position to get reception, the clouds get darker and darker. Just as we make the decision that, yes, a nasty thunderstorm is headed our way and we should get to cover, the wind picks up ahead of the storm. You know, that wind that smells damp and seems quite ominous.

As the drops began to fall, I yelled, “Every man for himself!” and took off for the shack. I sprang over a fence, through a patch of stick-tights and across the creek. It was pouring as I reached the cover of the shack. I looked back, and Mom was nowhere to be found.

Taking into account that I probably could outrun my mother, I gave her a minute. Just as I started to worry, I saw her come down the creek bank in the pouring rain. Quoting the classic line from Bambi, I hollered, “You made it, Mother!”. She was surprisingly more amused than I expected with my comment.

So we sat under the lean-to, trying to stay dry. This was complicated by the fact the tin roof was scavenged from an old hog shed, which meant the nail holes from its first use didn’t line up with the current use. So every we moved to get away from a drip, we ran into another one.

Rain coming down off the cabin

Wonder how that could happen with rain like this coming down.

As the rain didn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon, and we couldn’t find out if it would because there is no reception in the creek bottom, we started looking for rain ponchos. While we didn’t find official ponchos, we found the best substitute.

Mom using black garbage bag as a poncho

The essence of style.

So back we walked to the house. Of course, the rain let up right as we got 300 yards from the house. All the while we were commenting that before “Smart” phones, we would’ve just taken cover before the storm. I guess the moral of the story is the phone may be smart, but the user needs to be smarter than the phone.