15% Off Warmth

If you haven’t figured it out from a few of the last blog posts, it has been stupid cold here in South Dakota this winter. Right now as I write this, today we are experiencing a heat wave where the temperature might just hit 30 F. That is 10-20 degrees warmer than the high temperature has been in a few weeks.


Come visit balmy South Dakota! Come feel what it’s like to have an icicle on your nose!

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean that veterinarians sit inside, drinking hot chocolate and waiting for spring. No, we’re out there, working with the cattle and trying to figure out how to keep our vaccine from freezing. Which means it becomes quite necessary to dress appropriate for the weather.

One factor in this is having clean insulate bibs to wear with the cattle. “Why clean?” you might ask, since you know we are just going to get them dirty. A big reason for that is biosecurity. So when we are working with one person’s cattle in the morning, we get manure and other things on our clothing. So we wear bibs to cover up and keep the icky stuff off our clothes.

Then, we going to the next location, we’ll put on different bibs. This is not only because we are schnazzy dressers, but by leaving the dirty coveralls behind we can help reduce the spread of animal disease. By taking these steps to prevent disease, we reduce the need for treatment with antibiotics.

Of course, this means we need more than one pair of insulated coveralls, which unfortunately neither Carolyn nor I possessed. But, by a stroke of luck, we received a 15% off coupon to the local farm store. So off we went, honing in on the insulated bibs like cats to the sound of kibbles hitting the food dish.

I was able to pick one right off the self. Carolyn, on the other hand, had trouble finding some in her size. You see, they had ladies sized bibs in the regularly insulated level, but she wanted the super-duper, climb-Mount-Everest and visit-the-North-Pole while warm and comfortable bibs. So she tried on the smallest size they had.


Just a smidgen too big…

Fortunately, we were able to order them in her size. So in about 2 weeks they should be in, at which point she will probably never take them off again. At least until summer comes.



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  1. You make me grateful for our winters here in Lexington, KY….not so sunny but not brutally cold and if it does get THAT cold it never hangs around!!

  2. We could use a couple of large animal vets here in Florida. Warm, beaches, plenty of orange juice and lots of cows to take care of.

  3. Ah she found the Carhartt “Artic bibs”. I have a pair, however, rarely use them for DVM work in that they are so warm. They will surely keep her nice and toasty 🙂

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