Restaurant review: A Welcoming Environment For a Valentine’s Date

When Valentine’s Day came last week, Carolyn and I wanted to go have our night out at a low-key, friendly environment where we didn’t have to fight the crowds. We were feeling something quintessentially American and didn’t want to fight crowds of starry-eyed lovers. And of course, they had to serve beef. Fortunately for us, we found the perfect location for this Valentine’s date.



Now while some may say that a fast-food chain is a little less than romantic for a Valentine’s date, we beg to differ. Our experience was superb and we put together this wonderful little restaurant review in case you might decide to do the same thing!

The first thing we notice upon entering Culver’s was the welcoming environment and decor. The colors on the walls were lively, and the walls were covered in fun pictures of food and quotes about the food. The staff was pleasant, greeting us at the door, and happy to work with us. We placed our order and sat at a table for two for our first course.


Our appetizer: tidbits of yellow and white american-style cheese, lightly breaded and fried until golden brown. These bite-sized morsels, “curds” if you will, had a lovely crisp exterior encasing a piping hot, thick and rich center reminiscent of liquid gold.


Second Course– Wisconsin Cheese Pub Burger and pommes de terre frites

This delectable burger featured two juicy beef patties, a slice each of American, Cheddar, and Havarti cheeses, and roasted garlic aoli on a sweet brioche bun. It was accompanied well with potatoes cut in a unique “crinkled” shape and fried until light and crisp.


A big plus- look at all that beef! Can it get any better?

These delightful components to our meal were complimented with a tomato puree. It had a robust, sweet flavor that, in Heinz-site, harkened back to a favorite condiment of my youth.


The delightful tomato puree.

One criticism I had with our meal is the tomato puree dishes supplied were undersized for the amount of puree that was required to adequately coat each crinkle-cut fried potato. However, we soon remedied this situation with a bit of our own ingenuity.


The original on the left, with our innovation on the right.

Surprise third course– Strawberry Shake. Perhaps it was the feeling of love in the air on this date, or maybe we just had a stroke of luck. But as we were just finishing up our burgers, one of the staff came by and offered us a free strawberry shake!! How could we say no?!


The strawberry shake …..oh the strawberry shake. Perhaps because it was gifted to us, it tasted better than normal. Smooth and creamy with refreshing strawberries, and, of course, two straws!

Fourth course– BOGO free mini concrete mixers


Chocolate with marshmallow fluff. This was the suggestion of the staff. The young gal behind the counter assured us that this combination would be fantastic. She was right. She was more than right! This combination was superb! Rich chocolate custard was delightfully accompanied by light, fluffy marshmallow. The combination was divine.

Strawberry chocolate marshmallow: the flavor of the day. This combination was like a perfect spring morning. The marshmallow cream added a lightness to the already decadent chocolate covered strawberry ensemble.

After finishing this delightful meal, the staff so kindly told us both to have a wonderful night as we left. Without a doubt, both of us agreed Culver’s was a inviting place to have a Valentine’s date, if a bit unconventional. If nothing else, the food is just plain delicious!

-Jake and Carolyn