April Fools and Kid Nephews

So I for one thoroughly enjoy a good practical joke. However, my father happens to be the king of this activity, particularly on the first day in April. Various pranks that have occurred throughout the years have been panicked shouts of cows being out when they are actually very well contained, half-truths about the mechanical status of various vehicles and a certain incident where the clocks in the house, and all the cars were set one hour ahead before an important high school event. You’ll have to ask my sister about that one.

So this year being the same as previous years, this year Dad had a good joke to play on his nephews that he needed my help with. You see, like most teenage boys in rural areas, they have an affinity for one pickup brand over the other. In this case, one is a Ford kid, while the other is fond of Chevrolets. The third one just likes to play the other two against each other (smart kid).

Well Dad happened to have an old Ford sign that came from a NASCAR race. Not just any sign, but one of the giant tarps that was 70 feet long so it could be seen from the bleachers. And it just so happens that these boy’s pasture is right along the highway with a steep hillside to display a sign.

So the morning of April 1st, we sneak out there with this giant sign folded up. We lay it out on the pasture so all the world can see it in its great Ford glory. Just for fun, Mom takes a couple of pictures of us doing it.

Unfolding Ford Sign

As we’re sneaking out the gate, we see from down their lane a Suburban is coming. I jump out and swing the gate closed behind us, and jump back in so we can try to make a break for it. It’s too late, because the Suburban is gunning it down the driveway to catch up. Knowing we’re caught, we take off for the county line which is a mile away and figure just like the Dukes of Hazzard they can’t touch us in the next county (that’s how it works, right?).

We pull over in Cedar County and the Suburban pulls over ahead of us. Fortunately for us, Chevy & Ford boys aren’t in it, but the rest of the family. They agree not to the boys and we just wait.

About an hour later the text messages start coming. Considering his reputation, it didn’t take long for Dad to get the blame.  The one is singing his accolades, while the other can’t wait to get even. Well, in all it was a good time, and a good way to get rid of that old tarp!

Ford Sign

I just hope it doesn’t end up in our pasture next year.