Hurricanes and Cattle

As many others have been, I’ve been shocked and saddened by the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has unleashed on the state of Texas. Words cannot describe how awful it is, and I won’t attempt to do so. Carolyn and my hearts break for the people in its path.

What has been so encouraging to see has been the efforts made by Texans helping each other in this difficult time. Whether it has been as courageous as the water rescues or as simple as delivering drinking water, the fortitude of the people affected has been humbling to see.

Hurricane Harvey Cattle

Photo credit: Huston Chronicle

As a cattle rancher, I am especially struck by all the videos and pictures I’ve seen of people moving their livestock through the flood waters to safe areas. Taking those risks for the well-being of livestock is truly the cowboy way. It hearkens back to this spring, when on the opposite side of the state young ranchers perished trying to save their animals in the prairie fires.

I know there are many charities that are looking for people to donate for relief to the flooding victims. If you feel so inclined to help those who are in farming and ranching, the Texas Department of Agriculture STAR fund is taking donations. It can be found by following this hyperlink. Let us keep all affected by this disaster in our prayers.



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