Thoughts, Prayers, and Heartbreak

I’m thinking I’m one of many out there today that feel pretty hollow after the events in Las Vegas Sunday night. A country music concert, something intertwined with farming and ranching, becomes a scene of intense suffering and heartbreak. As the President said, this was an act of pure evil. Events as this make you cling for dear life to the words of John’s Gospel that “The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness shall not overcome it.”

Being called to be a light in the face of evil is something crucial for all of us of all faiths. It was so inspiring to hear about the actions of the first responders, the police, and individuals who went out of their way to help their neighbor. The blood donations that have flooded in from around the country are also wonderful. Just like the actions of so many people after the recent hurricanes, it is a testament to the fact that as a whole Americans are a kind-hearted people.

Building on this, I think it’s a good time to remember the advice found in another country song. Maybe we should plan on going home to “cling tight to your family, and thank God you have somebody to love.” Our family will be praying for those hurt in this attack, those lost in it, and those left behind, heartbroken. God bless.



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