The Gift of the Magi…I Mean the Pheasants

So I don’t know if you’ve noticed this, but I really, really, really, really, really, really, really like Carolyn. And when asked if she likes me the same way, her response is “ditto”. And we pretty much do all the things together, but one of those things we love to do together is to hunt pheasants.

Pheasant in SD Map

It’s pretty much the most South Dakota relationship a couple can have.

So in accord with our shared passion, we surprised each other with a mutual gift-giving that came to fruition this year. The first part I talked about a couple years ago, when Carolyn surprised me with a golden retriever puppy we named Cletus. Since then, we worked together to train him (and he had the natural talent) to become a bird hunting wonder. This weekend on pheasant opener, he was busting up roosters that thought they could stay under cover and not be found. Well, with Cletus around, they can run/fly, but they sure can’t hide!

This fall, I returned the favor by lining Carolyn up with a new shotgun. A nice shotgun. Like, twice as nice as mine. Her old shotgun was just not doing the trick, so now she’s upgraded from a 20 gauge pump to a 12 gauge semi-auto. And the birds are taking notice, as she shot her limit Sunday.

Carolyn and Cletus on the hunt

Picture: Cletus the Great Golden Hunter and Annie Oakley

Now, by combining the dog with the new gun, we’re pretty much an unstoppable pheasant hunting trio. Which is good, because we’re a big fan of smoked pheasant…maybe it should be a recipe in Carolyn’s kitchen.




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