Trivia Time!

Here at the Cow Docs we’ve been telling you about cows and cow things for quite some time now. So we thought it would be kind of fun to put together a trivia on some cow facts so you can test your knowledge. The answers can be found in the various blog posts we’ve done on this site. If you’d like to check your work, the full answers will be in the comments section!

But before we begin, please take a moment to appreciate my cow-llage.

Moment taken.

Okay, here’s the questions.


1) What is the primary food source for cows for their whole life, as well as their calves for the first 1/3 of their life?

a) Grass and other forage sources

b) Corn and other grains

c) Goat’s milk and artisan potato chips


2) What percentage of farms in the U.S. are family owned?

a) 20%

b) 88%

c) 97%


3) What breed of cow is in this picture?

Red angus cows

a) Hereford

b) Red Angus

c) Appaloosa


4) Do cattle ranchers receive a subsidy check from the government for just for raising cattle?

a) No

b) Yes

c) Yes, if they ask really nicely and bake a pie for their senators


5) What is a good reason for castrating bull calves?

a) So cowboys can practice counting to two on a regular basis

b) There are no good reasons

c) Steers (castrated male cattle) are less aggressive than bulls and have a flavor preferred by most people


6) Which of the types of weather conditions described below is the most comfortable for cattle?

a) 80 degrees and somewhat humid

b) 25 degrees and dry

c) 90 degrees and dry


7) Are cattle farmers and ranchers using more or less water to produce a pound of beef than they did 30 years ago?

a) less

b) more

c) the same amount


8) What is Carolyn’s favorite cut of beef to cook with?

a) sirloin

b) ribs

c) skirt steak


9) If given the choice between hay and corn, what are most cattle going to eat first?

a) hay

b) corn

c) neither, they prefer escargot with a glass of burgundy


10) Mamas should not let their babies grow up to be…

a) cowboys, because they’re never at home and always alone, even with someone they love

b) doctors and lawyers and such

c)  veterinarians, because they will spend a large portion of their lives covered in animal excrement and other weird fluids


Thanks for taking our quiz! If you’re stuck on some answers, check out this blog post that links to a host of blog posts we’ve made on many of these topics.


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