Moving Curious Cows to a More Convenient Location

Some days cows can be really annoying. I had one of those days this weekend when I went to sight in a new rifle I got. We have a range out in the pasture, which normally works well because the cows will just hang out and graze out of the way while I work on the rifle.

Only this time, they didn’t just do that. No, they had to come up and see what was going on. And I don’t mean just mosey nearby to get a closer look either.


I mean right up in my business.

So what’s a person to do? Well, I could quit with the sighting in, but that would be a waste of one of the very few perfectly still days in Nebraska. So I had to move the cows. If you’d like to see how this all went, check out the video of the event on our facebook page.