Don’t Take It All Too Seriously

The Christmas season is traditional known as a fun-filled, joyous time of year. But let’s be honest–there’s so much going on that sometimes we end up dreading it all. At the Geis house, this has been compounded by Carolyn working several strings of 12 hour days with her job.

At times like this, rather than allowing all the busyness to get to your head, I try to just let the little, funny things keep the mood bright. And let’s face it, you never know where you’re going to find a laugh.

Heated Ice Cream Bar

For example, it could be on your snack. FYI–it was still less than 32 degrees.

There’s no reason to get caught up in it all and take things too serious. A great tidbit I learned a long time ago was to ask myself when stressed about something, “Will this thing matter in five years? Or even next year? Or even next month?” It’s funny how few of the things we have the opportunity to get stressed about really don’t matter in the long run.

So if the Christmas lights don’t turn out right, who cares? You burned the ham? Well, just eat the unburned parts in the middle (please don’t throw the burned parts to your dog though). Maybe having that cup of coffee while talking to your friend is more important than getting your Christmas cards sent out right now. Let’s face it–we don’t talk about the things like having 100% of your snow scooped in five years, but the things that made us laugh.


Exhibit A.

So as we all move forward, let’s focus on having a merry, joy-filled Christmas. It’s not about the presents, decorations, or food, but the people who are God’s gift to us (see Exhibit A) and most importantly that our Savior has been born.


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  1. Your so right, Jake. Great perspective on life. Merry Christmas and the end is in sight for poor Carolyn and the long days.

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