Interstate Transit of Reindeer Approved for This Evening

This is a breaking news bulletin from the Cow Docs. The USDA has issued a movement permit for a certain S. Claus to bring up to nine reindeer into the United States this evening, starting at 7 p.m. The full press release can be accessed by following this link.

USDA logo

USDA stands for United States Department of Agriculture

Some readers may be wondering why the USDA is so concerned about reindeer moving in and out of the country. The reason lies in that all domestic animals that enter or exit the U.S. are subject to USDA inspection. This is done to prevent Foreign Animal Diseases (FADs) that are not found in our nation from entering. These diseases could be of great detriment to the health of American animals and to the ability of American farmers and ranchers to export meat and dairy products.

Thanks to the hard work done by Mr. S. Claus to keep his animals in excellent health and to practice solid biosecurity, this risk is miniscule. Therefore, his and his animal’s work will continue uninterrupted throughout the United States this evening. From the Cow Doc’s news service, I’m Jake Geis reporting. Merry Christmas!

2 responses to “Interstate Transit of Reindeer Approved for This Evening

  1. Reportedly, one of the reindeer was seen with a red nose. Did the inspecting veterinarian miss clinical signs of illness during the exam? This could be an accreditation violation. Hopefully the illness does not spread to other species!

    • The Cow Docs news has looked deeper into this situation. It appears the inspecting veterinarian, after a through exam, determined this was not an infectious disease, but rather a congenital trait associated with said reindeer. In fact, it may be a genetic trait that has distinct advantages in reindeer used in international gift transit. How heritable this trait is remains to be seen, and further study is occuring at the University of the North Pole.

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