New Places, New Opportunities

As of last week, I started a new position with Sioux Nation Ag in Freeman, South Dakota. And unlike some veterinarians in the Geis household, I’m going to blog about it right away, instead of waiting several months.


I’m going to be in so much trouble when she reads this, but the joke was worth it.

So why the change? It has a lot to do with that linked blog post. This move will put Carolyn closer to where she needs to be so she can be more efficient at doing area veterinarian things. This also means we will be moving in the near future, something I sincerely dread, as it is amazing how much junk a person can accumulate in a few years.

On the other hand, I’m excited to work with my new team at Sioux Nation. The folks there are super friendly and knowledgeable. They’ve been great at helping me get up to speed with the transition and I look forward to the things we’ll be able to accomplish together.


Not not mention we have a really snappy sign. It’s beautiful.

I am also excited to meet a new client base and to learn how people in a different area of the state do things a bit differently. As I’ve written about in many other blog posts, every area of the world that has cattle does things a bit differently to match the environment of that area and the needs of that ranch/farm family. It will be interesting to see how Freeman differs from Tyndall.

But without a doubt, there will be many things Carolyn and I will miss about Bon Homme county. We have made lots of good friends there and had some great experiences working at the Tyndall Vet Clinic. We wish everyone there the best and will most certainly be back to visit (especially at the Bakery).


8 responses to “New Places, New Opportunities

  1. Change is good and it can be hard.

    It’s funny you mentioned the bakery because if I ever leave Madison. That is the thing I will miss most.

  2. Wow, the DeJong dogs from near and far (Missouri) will miss you both! I am sure the trap shooting family will miss you also! Good luck in your new ventures. Harlan and Fran

  3. Trying to reach the people who did the YouTube about 3 legged St. Bernard Gus. Is that you? Please let me know. Desperate to discuss this option for my dog

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